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Continuing Education
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Life Flight Network is committed to advancing safety, coordination, and clinical excellence in healthcare within our communities by regularly providing training and education to our healthcare and EMS partners. When seconds matter, the coordination between Life Flight Network and our partners is vital. This synchronization ensures standardized operations, seamless transition of care, and above all else, patient and provider safety.

Training topics range from pre-hospital landing zone operations, patient resuscitation and stabilization to management of time-sensitive medical emergencies. Many of these courses also provide continuing education credits to attendees. Training is available to EMS and medical professionals within our service area.

Training is available to EMS and medical professionals within our service area.

Upcoming Events

- 11:00 am

Landing Zone Safety Training

Join us for an engaging and informative event, including Helicopter Landing Zone Class and Patient Packaging with Helicopter Hot Load Training

Thought Leadership

With the goal of sharing the knowledge that our teams have gained, Life Flight Network has compiled a collection of organizational papers and presentations into a series we call Life Flight Network’s Thought Leadership. This series is designed to share data, information, best practices, and the experiences of the Life Flight Network team with the hope of contributing to the improvement and preparedness of organizations of various industries and all sizes.

Escape Fire: Initial Response to a Health Care Crisis

This article and accompanying webinar provide an opportunity for Life Flight Network to share our journey and lessons learned during the initial and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response.

Closed-Loop Communication: How a Death of Silence Might Prevent a Silent Death

Communication failures—the single most preventable source of medical errors—can have catastrophic consequences if they are allowed to occur.

Designing an Escape Fire: Initial Response to a Healthcare Crisis

Join us as we discuss how Life Flight Network discovered how unprecedented creativity, breaking down complex systems, and minimizing hierarchies were necessary agents during a pandemic response.


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