Communications Center

Wide view of communications center. TV screen span length of wall showing vital comms info. Room is sectioned off with cubicles. Multiple staff are answer dispatch request and directing communications.

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Life Flight Network operates a state-of-the-art communications center and operational control center in Boise, Idaho, staffed by highly trained communication specialists and operational control specialists. All staff are certified by the International Association of Medical Transport Communication Specialists (IAMTCS) and tasked with service request intake, dispatching, and flight monitoring of aircraft. In addition, Life Flight Network operates a non-emergent ground call center conducting real-time and scheduled requests for Portland-Metro patient movement.

The communications center is the first point of contact for our EMS and healthcare partners requesting Life Flight Network services. Processing between 700,000 to 1 million phone calls each year, the communications and operational control specialists are responsible for all logistics associated with transport, including dispatching the appropriate aircraft or ambulance and communicating with both the crew and sending and receiving facilities throughout the duration of transport. The communications center operates 24 hours a day and is the hub for the dynamic air and ground ambulance services Life Flight Network provides.

Transport of patients with time-sensitive medical illnesses or injuries is multilayered and complex. The fundamental function of the communications and operational control centers is to be ready to receive the call and not only dispatch the closest available aircraft or ambulance, but to communicate accurate ETAs to our healthcare partners. Weather in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West coupled with 24/7 operations present distinct challenges, but communications and operational control center staff are expertly trained in the unique conditions of each region. Simply put, they are a core pillar of our operations, providing critical communications and safety oversight during transport.


IAMTCS-certifed Communications Specialists
Operational Control Specialists
Years Average Tenure for Life Flight Network Communications Team Member
Months Specialized Training Prior to Service
Hours of FAA-authorized Classroom Training
Always Available and At The Ready
24/7/ 0
Woman in black medical face mask speaks on phone while looking at a computer screen
Wide view of communications center. TV screen span length of wall showing vital comms info. Room is sectioned off with cubicles. Staff are answering dispatch request and directing communications.
Illustration of bullhorn
Woman, Yvonne Fisher, stands between to men presenting here with an award
OCT 31, 2021
Yvonne Fisher named 2021 Communications Specialist of the Year by IAMTC

An Enduring Commitment to
Organizational Excellence

Air Medical Transport

We’ve built our reputation on our rotor- and fixed-wing ICU-level air medical services for communities in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West. While we’re proud of that legacy, our commitment to excellence requires continuous advancements, the most sophisticated equipment, and the most experienced flight and care teams.

Ground Transport

We extend our air medical transport services with ICU-level ground transport in each state we serve. Because patients may reside or work in outlying areas, we remain dedicated to providing multiple ambulatory options and fostering active, reciprocal partnerships with other local medical transport providers within our service areas.


Safety and risk management are our core philosophies. To best address the pressing challenges of safe transport for injured and critically ill patients by air or ground, our focus on safety remains rigorous. Our commitment to safety is unrelenting.


We were born out of a clinical setting and built on the need to bring ICU-level care to every patient. Wherever they may be in our service area. Our equipment is the most advanced in the industry and whether in the air or on the ground it is staffed with the most experienced critical care teams and flight personnel from strategic bases throughout the four states we serve.


EMS and Hospital Personnel:
For immediate emergency dispatch, call us 24/7. We’re standing by.

(800) 232-0911

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