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Comprehensive air and ground medical coverage for you and your family.

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Absolutely NO Out-of-Pocket Expenses

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Advanced Care: Every Aircraft is a Mobile ICU​

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No Limit on Medically Necessary Emergent Transports​

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Largest Not-for-Profit Air Medical Transport Program in the USA

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First Responder, Parent, and Member:

I have witnessed the professionalism of Life Flight Network as a first responder and as a police/fire Chaplain, as they came to provide urgent critical care when someone’s loved one needed it most. We found ourselves becoming that ‘someone’. One never imagines the extreme or the impossible horror of a loved one needing such critical care, but it can happen, as it did to our son.

We are very thankful for the professional medical care our boy received at the hands of the Life Flight Network crew. We are also thankful for the operations team and management team who work behind the scenes keeping the helicopters and planes in the air, raising support, processing paperwork and billing, communicating with families, and so on.

We have been blessed by Life Flight Network with not only the service rendered to our son, but their generosity to help our family in the billing process. If you don’t have Life Flight Network Membership ($75 per year), I encourage you to get it. Membership supports this amazing organization and covers you and your loved ones should they encounter something similar to us. We never know when we might need them.”

— Mindy & Dean A.

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Annual Membership from Life Flight Network

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Annual Membership from FireMed®

(*Ground only available in Oregon)

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Air and Ground Coverage
Annual Membership from Life Flight Network + FireMed®

(*Ground only available in Oregon)


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Annual Membership from Life Flight Network

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Annual Membership

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Annual Membership from FireMed®

(*Ground Only Available in Oregon)

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Air and Ground
Annual Membership from Life Flight Network from FireMed®

(*Ground Only Available in Oregon)

*FireMed® Ground Membership is only available in Oregon and price is based on location. . ***Specific FireMed® Ground Membership Restrictions found here. By becoming a Life Flight Network member, you agree to the terms stated in the Statement of Understanding. New member benefits take effect 72 hours after receipt of a completed application and payment. Life Flight Network transports patients based on medical need, not membership status. Medicaid beneficiaries should not apply for membership.

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Have questions, or need assistance with enrollment? You can reach Membership Services Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm PT, directly:

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You may also enroll by mail by downloading, filling out, and mailing the form below to:
P.O. Box 3841
Portland, OR 97208-3841

Membership FAQs

There are no out-of-pocket expenses beyond your annual membership. If transport is deemed medically necessary, flights flown by Life Flight Network or one of its reciprocal partners are covered by your membership. Life Flight Network works directly with your insurance company (if you have one) for our portion of the payment, and the rest of the cost is covered by your Membership.

No. Life Flight Network Membership ensures all deductibles, copays, and coinsurance are covered for a transport. In many cases, the in-network cost-sharing amount (e.g., deductibles/co-pays) for a patient can be upwards of $10,000 or more, which is covered in full by your Membership.

All costs for transport by Life Flight Network. If your Membership is current, there are no out-of-pocket expenses for medically necessary emergent transports when flown by Life Flight Network. Life Flight Network works directly with your insurance company (if any) for our portion of the payment, and the rest of the cost is covered by your Membership.

Yes. Membership benefits are extended to the primary member, their spouse or domestic partner, and family members living at the same residence who are: age 24 years old or younger, disabled, or age 65 years old or older.

No. Members can be transported as many times as needed for medically necessary transports.

Patients transported by helicopter or airplane are covered by a Membership when provided for medically necessary transport.

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Life Flight Network has bases across the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West. Our EMS helicopters typically operate within a 175-mile radius of their base but have the capability to fly longer distances. Fixed-wing aircraft can transport patients throughout the nation as well as internationally.

Partner Coverage: California and Nevada. Life Flight Network partners with three nationally recognized air medical providers, creating one of the most comprehensive reciprocal partnership networks in the United States. With a Life Flight Network Membership, you can travel throughout the West and have financial peace of mind if you are transported by a reciprocal partner (subject to the reciprocating program’s membership rules).

Who transports you is determined by on-site medical professionals. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that you will be transported by Life Flight Network. Members (if capable) or their family can request to be flown by Life Flight Network when that service is being dispatched, but that does not always guarantee that we will be the aircraft requested. Many variables can come into play when dispatching an aircraft. Availability of service cannot be guaranteed due to weather conditions, maintenance, commitment to another transport, and out-of-service equipment, among other reasons.

There are several factors that contribute to the transport destination. The sending hospital or agency, Life Flight Network, and the receiving hospitals work together to find the closest or most effective solution for a patient’s care needs.

No. Members do not need to live in the service area. The emergency transport will need to occur within our service area or within the service area of our reciprocating partners.

Yes. If you are traveling into our service area and have a Life Flight Network Membership, you are covered for any medically necessary transports.

Yes. We reciprocate with many other air medical programs. If Life Flight Network transport is not available at the time and you or a family member are transported by one of our reciprocating partners, there are no out-of-pocket expenses (subject to the reciprocating program’s membership rules). These partnerships greatly expand the coverage and options for transport for our members.

We reciprocate with: Air St. Luke’s, Care Flight, and Enloe FlightCare. See Membership Terms for more details.

Peace of mind starts here.

¹ Membership benefits apply to medically necessary emergent flights flown by Life Flight Network and its reciprocal partners.

² Life Flight Network membership covers you, your spouse or domestic partner, and family members living at the same residence who are: age 24 years old or younger, disabled, or age 65 years old or older.

³ “Western states” includes Life Flight Network operations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana as well as reciprocal partner coverage in California and Nevada. Some restrictions apply to reciprocal partners.

For all Membership terms and conditions, please see our Statement of Understanding.

*** Specific FireMed® Ground Membership Restrictions:

Terms Applicable only to Eugene Springfield FireMed: Household definition includes family members living as permanent residents of the same single-family occupancy, non-commercial residence. Benefit waiting period of 48 hours.

Term Applicable only to Jefferson FireMed: Family members who would otherwise be living in the home except for necessity of medical or elder care are also included.

Terms Applicable only to Molalla FireMed: Molalla Fire Department provides members a 20% discount off its regular rate for ambulance services in the event of a Molalla Fire Department transport if the member has no applicable insurance. Membership benefits do not apply for transports lacking medical necessity. There is a $500 maximum benefit per member of household per membership year.

Terms applicable only to Redmond FireMed: Non-emergency ground ambulance transportation between local hospitals is covered by this agreement. Transports must meet medical necessity and reasonable requirements.

Term applicable only to Southern Wasco County FireMed: Southern Wasco County FireMed requires members to have viable health insurance coverage before taking advantage of this “gap” benefit.

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