Two people stand in front of helicopter with back facing camera, wearing blue and red jump suites with "Life Flight Network" written across the back.


Portrait of Ben Clayton

Ben Clayton

Chief Executive Officer
Portrait of Brenda Weiler

Brenda Weiler

Chief Administrative Officer, Chief of Staff
Portrait of Casey Seckel

Casey Seckel

Chief Clinical Officer
Portrait of Adam Osborne

Adam Osborne

Chief Financial Officer
Portrait of Nicole Barnard-Croft

Nicole Barnard-Croft

Senior Director, Human Resources
Portrait of Michael Weimer

Michael Weimer

Chief Operating Officer
Portrait of Dominic Pomponio

Dominic Pomponio

Chief Business Officer
Portrait of Cassandra Tillinghast

Cassandra Tillinghast

Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

Dr. Tom Lorish

Chief Strategy Officer

Clinical Leadership

Portrait of Brian Rogge

Brian Rogge

Director, Clinical Services; Registered Nurse, Paramedic
Portrait of Shannon Ramsey

Shannon Ramsey

Director, Clinical Services; Paramedic
Portrait of Katie Budgeon

Katie Budgeon

Senior Director, Ground Operations & Specialty Services; Registered Nurse
Portrait of Kari Zabala

Kari Zabala

Director, Clinical Education; Registered Respiratory Therapist, Paramedic
Portrait of Dr. Matt Conklin

Dr. Matt Conklin

Medical Director

Aviation Leadership

Portrait of Mac Garrison

Mac Garrison

Senior Director, Aviation Operations & FAA DO
Portrait of Ron Looney

Ron Looney

Director, Aviation Operations
Portrait of Mike Strub

Mike Strub

Chief Pilot, Fixed-Wing
Portrait of Karl Wellfare

Karl Wellfare

Chief Pilot, Rotor-Wing

Safety & Quality Leadership

Portrait of Susan Gidding

Susan Gidding

Senior Director, Quality Management
Portrait of Brody Paine

Brody Paine

Senior Director, Safety & Risk Management

Patient Transport Logistics Leadership

Portrait of Rene Bonnett

Rene Bonnett

Senior Director, Patient Transport Logistics

Maintenance Leadership

Portrait of Chad McCracken

Chad McCracken

Senior Director, Aviation Maintenance & FAA DOM
Portrait of Ryan Kahn

Ryan Kahn

Director, Aviation Maintenance
Portrait of Brandon Jensen

Brandon Jensen

Director, Aviation Maintenance Quality

Administrative Leadership

Portrait of Gary Trobaugh

Gary Trobaugh

Director, Information Technology
Portrait of Gregory Plenert

Gregory Plenert

Director, Marketing
Portrait of Joe Montesano

Joe Montesano

Director, Facilities & Fleet Services

Tosca Rawls

Foundation Development Director
Portrait of Elizabeth Conroy-Yockim

Elizabeth Conroy-Yockim

Membership Services Manager
Portrait of Jaqueline Marquez

Jaqueline Marquez

Director of Revenue Cycle, Compliance Officer and HIPAA Privacy Officer
Portrait of Jeffrey Glenn

Jeffrey Glenn

Purchasing and Parts Manager
Portrait of Megan Wellman

Megan Wellman

Senior Executive Administrative Assistant

Amanda Page

Advisor, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Portrait of Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young

Compliance and Legal Operations Manager

Business Development Leadership

Portrait of Veronica Mitchell-Jones

Veronica Mitchell-Jones

Director, Business Development; Paramedic
Portrait of Victor Walco

Victor Walco

Director, Business Development; Paramedic

Angela Holcomb

Business Area Manager; Paramedic
Portrait of Blaine Myers

Blaine Myers

Business Area Manager; Paramedic
Portrait of Brady Templeton

Brady Templeton

Business Area Manager; Paramedic
Portrait of Brandy Bookwalter

Brandy Bookwalter

Business Area Manager; Registered Nurse
Portrait of Casey Schein

Casey Schein

Business Area Manager; Registered Nurse
Portrait of Dustin Waterbly

Dustin Waterbly

Business Area Manager; Paramedic
Portrait of Erin Whitney

Erin Whitney

Business Area Manager, Registered Respiratory Therapist
Portrait of Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips

Business Area Manager; Paramedic
Portrait of Jacob Riedel

Jacob Riedel

Business Area Manager; Registered Respiratory Therapist

James Young

Business Area Manager; Paramedic

John Sieckowski

Business Area Manager; Paramedic
Portrait of John Whalen

John Whalen

Business Area Manager; Paramedic
portrait of Lora York

Lora York

Business Area Manager; Registered Nurse
Portrait of Stephen Schmid

Stephen Schmid

Business Area Manager; Paramedic
Portrait of Tom Mortimer

Tom Mortimer

Business Area Manager; Registered Nurse, Paramedic


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Beginning with a single Alouette helicopter in 1978, we have proudly served the communities of the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West for more than 45 years. Our trusted legacy and reputation are built upon a foundation of exceptional safety, quality, and service.

Thought Leadership

As an industry leader in air medical transport, we prioritize partnerships and knowledge sharing with other organizations within our industry, EMS, and beyond. We seek out opportunities to exchange ideas and collaborate with others as we work to continue improving air medical services industry-wide.


EMS and Hospital Personnel:
For immediate emergency dispatch, call us 24/7. We’re standing by.

(800) 232-0911

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