Exceptional clinical care.
At The Ready, when you need us most.


Emergency medical transport.
Always at the ready.

At The Ready

Every day at Life Flight Network, we strengthen our reputation for delivering reliable, exceptional clinical care and rapid response. That means we are ready where and when we are needed, for everyone. Be it by air or by ground, our highly trained clinicians provide ICU-level care to patients throughout the region. Every hour. Every situation. We’re there. When you need us.

A flight nurse and two EMS technicians wheel patient to waiting helicopter with crew waiting to receive

Rotor-Wing Air Medical Transport

All of our rotor-wing aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide patients with ICU-level care throughout their transport.

A crew of EMS and flight nurses prepare to lift patient on gurney into a fixed-wing propeller airplane

Fixed-Wing Air Medical Transport​

Our fleet of fixed-wing aircraft offers longer-distance critical care transport, even from short runways, allowing our care teams to access rural communities.

Three people load neonatal transportation chamber into the back of a ground ambulance

Ground Medical Transport

Our ground ambulance fleet offers ICU-level care from bases across our service area. Non-emergent transport care is available throughout the Portland metro area.

An Enduring Commitment
to Organizational Excellence

Communications Center

Our state-of the-art Communications Center is located at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, Idaho. Trained communications specialists process more than 100,000 phone calls each month from EMS, hospital, and public safety dispatch centers.


Safety and risk management are our core philosophies. To best address the pressing challenges of safe transport for injured and critically ill patients by air or ground, our focus on safety remains rigorous. Our commitment to safety is unrelenting.

Aircraft Maintenance

Our maintenance team is recognized nationally for its standards of quality and safety. Our factory-trained technicians provide expertise around the clock, supporting a fleet of rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft throughout our four-state service area.

Quality Management

Our quality management team ensures departments throughout Life Flight Network have the necessary tools to measure and report organizational improvements and successes and to establish, comply with, and ultimately exceed industry standards.

Training & Education

Supporting Our Partners Through Training and Continuing Education
We’re proud to serve our community by providing no-cost training to our agency partners.
Member of rescue team stands atop snowing mountain holding a smoking flare indicating landing zone
Signaling the landing zone location
Landing zone training with Schweitzer Ski Patrol


EMS and Hospital Personnel:
For immediate emergency dispatch, call us 24/7. We’re standing by.

(800) 232-0911

When You Need Us.
Life Flight Network