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Cyclist's Near-Death Experience and Miraculous Recovery

Perry is a 71-year-old avid cyclist, residing in Hood River, Oregon. Whether on the road or the trails, enjoying the beautiful outdoors from his bike is Perry’s happy place.

On the afternoon of July 2, 2022, Perry opted for his road bike and set out to enjoy his ride. It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday with a light breeze—a perfect day to ride. “I normally push myself on my rides, see if I can beat my last time, but that afternoon, I decided to enjoy a nice relaxing ride up to the Mosier Tunnels.” He was two miles into his ride when disaster struck. Another cyclist had cut a blind corner and struck him head-on, sending Perry flying.

When Perry regained consciousness, he found himself in an ambulance. He could hear people talking and moving quickly to pull him out of the ambulance on the stretcher. It was then he heard the helicopter. He saw the rotor blades spinning and the concerned expressions on the faces of those looking down at him. “I could tell things were serious, but the flight crew gave me a sense of calm. It was like they were telling me with their eyes that they would do anything to keep me alive.”

Perry’s injuries were significant, and he was transported to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, for treatment. Suffering seven broken ribs, a tension pneumothorax, a fractured skull, a fractured scapula, and a major concussion, Perry spent three days in the intensive care unit before being discharged to continue his recovery at home. And in true love’s fashion, he was back on his bike just eight weeks after the accident.

“Life Flight Network was the best part of my experience. I truly felt like I was being rescued by angels from the sky.”


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