Patient Stories

Accident in the Columbia River Gorge

Nicole and her family were leaving the Columbia River Gorge after having lunch. Traveling back home in two cars, Nicole’s dad and a friend drove out ahead as Nicole, her daughters, her mom, and her mom’s friend followed behind. As Nicole drove down Highway 35 she started to slow down for what she assumed was a car crash. She recalls saying: “Better not be dad.” Unfortunately, it was her dad and his friend. Another driver had hit their car. “It looked so bad. I thought for sure they had died,” said Nicole. “Not long after first responders arrived on scene we quickly learned Life Flight Network would be on their way.” Before she knew it, the helicopter had landed on scene and her dad was quickly loaded onboard. She watched the aircraft fly away, knowing he was headed to the care he desperately needed.

Thanks to the first responders and the quick flight to a trauma center, Nicole’s father and his friend survived, and while things are different for both of them, Nicole and her family are thankful to still have them in their lives.

“The service you provide is 100% a life-saving service. We appreciate you. Thank you.”, said Nicole.


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