Patient Stories

Head-On Motorcycle Collision

It was a sunny day in June and Mike was out enjoying a motorcycle ride through Linn County, Oregon. His wife and kids returned home from their travels to find his bike gone but weren’t worried – sunny days in Oregon are limited and Mike loved being on his bike.

A short time later, Valerie received a text message that Mike was in an accident. He had been struck by another vehicle and his condition was serious. Mike’s riding partner Don Soto, Rebecca Zimmick, RN and Lauren Conser stopped to help. Lauren left to get cell service to call 911. Don told Lauren told to make sure Life Flight Network was dispatched. Sweet Home Fire Department was first on scene and upon assessing the severity of his injuries, made the call to activate Life Flight Network. The flight crew arrived to find Mike unconscious and requiring roadside intubation due to a collapsed lung. He was stabilized and transported to PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center RiverBend in Springfield, Oregon for further evaluation and treatment.

“I knew he was in good hands. As an emergency department employee, I know that Life Flight Network’s crews are the best trained clinical care personnel in Oregon, says Valerie “I will always be thankful to them for keeping my husband alive.”

Mike doesn’t remember anything from the day of the accident or the week leading up to it but had the opportunity to connect with the flight crew that saved him, six months later. “I was really impressed with their professionalism and kindness. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them.”


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