Patient Stories

Crash at the BMX Park

Makaylie was enjoying one of her favorite hobbies—BMX racing—when suddenly she was in need of urgent medical attention. She was racing her bicycle when another racer wrecked in front of her. Unable to avoid a collision, Makaylie went over the other bike and was struck in the abdomen by her handle bars. Life Flight Network was quickly on the scene and transported Makaylie to the nearest trauma center for further care.

“We were scared, but the Life Flight Network crew was amazing,” said Makaylie’s mother, Starlet. “They called and texted, letting us know how brave our daughter was. They also checked up on our daughter after she got out of the hospital.”

“Thank you for taking care of me, and thank goodness you were there. You made me feel safe without my mom and dad.”, said Makaylie.


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