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Head-on Collision Near Welches, OR

Young man in light blue shirt and blue jeans, stands with hands on hips, posing in front of a Life Flight Network helicopter

Jack had four days off from school and work and was headed home to surprise his family. He was on Highway 26 near Welches, OR, going about 40 mph when another driver going about 80 mph hit his car head-on.

Paramedics from the Hoodland Fire Department arrived at the scene of the crash and extricated Jack from the car. Life Flight Network arrived soon after and transported Jack to the nearest trauma center. Jack suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. He lost his pinky and half of his thumb. He also broke his right arm in three places and every bone in his face, losing vision in his right eye and sense of smell. Jack’s injuries were extensive, but he survived due to the care he received on scene and the rapid transport to definitive care at the hospital. He is thankful for everyone who worked together as a team to save his life.

“Being a first responder, I know how critical it is to get somebody to the hospital quickly, you know, within an hour. Without Life Flight Network, there was no way I would’ve gotten there that quickly.”, said Jack.


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