Patient Stories

A Rare Disease and Lifesaving Transport

Eric comforts baby Son as he's loaded into a helicopter for transport to another hospital

Erica’s 6-month-old son had been in and out of the hospital since birth. After receiving numerous tests over the course of four days, her son’s team of wonderful doctors and nurses had been unable to determine why he was sick. They decided to transfer him to Spokane for further evaluation and care. Life Flight Network was dispatched for the transport of Erica’s young son.

In Spokane, he was treated for the very rare Kawasaki’s disease. Since his treatment, he is now a healthy and thriving 4-year-old. Fully recovered with no lifelong effects, Erica stated the timing of her son’s treatment was pertinent to his recovery.

“He was back to ‘his normal’ self within 18 hours of the treatment, and this wouldn’t have been an easy road without the team of doctors and the Life Flight Network crew!”


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