Community Outreach

Life Flight Network is dedicated to providing outreach education opportunities. Through a variety of programs for medical professionals, children, and the general public, we enjoy providing valuable information to members of the communities we serve.

Agency Training and Public Education

Life Flight Network regularly offers training and education to hospital, police, fire and EMS agencies, and public communities by participating in EMS and disaster response drills, landing zone training, EMS open houses, safety fairs, SKID/Every 15 Minutes programs, trauma prevention programs, and other events.

EMS and hospital training includes Life Flight Network operations, landing zone setup and coordination, patient loading, and safety around the aircraft, as well as specific topics requested by local agencies. Life Flight Network will gladly participate in any agency or organization’s QI/QA chart review process. To schedule a training or public education event, please fill out the Outreach Request Form.

Trauma and Critical Care Conferences

Life Flight Network sponsors many EMS, trauma, critical care, and medical conferences throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, focusing on selected topics such as pre-hospital, resuscitation, time sensitive emergencies, safety, and continuing care and management of trauma and critical care patients. Life Flight Network is committed to bringing continuing education to the communities we serve by providing lecturers for conferences, clinical expertise to skills stations, high fidelity simulation mannequin training, case reviews, and education conferences. Please fill out the Outreach Request Form to request our participation in a conference or education event.

Community Outreach

Life Flight Network welcomes the opportunity to provide an information booth or presentation to public organizations who want to learn about how Life Flight Network operates and the benefits of our membership program. We also offer scheduled tours of any of our bases where you can visit with our on-duty crew and tour our aircraft. Please fill out our Outreach Request Form to schedule an event.

Outreach Request Form