PUBLIC NOTICE: Don’t be deceived by the claims of pre-paid “medical transportation solutions.”

Life Flight Network Membership protects you and your family while supporting your local community. Don’t be deceived by the claims of pre-paid “medical transportation solutions.” These organizations are commonly based far outside their target areas, are for-profit companies, and make no investment in the communities where their beneficiaries reside.

Life Flight Network strongly advises current members, healthcare partners, employers, and community leaders to exercise caution when evaluating other membership programs and insurance products introduced through very broad and aggressive sales tactics. Life Flight Network encourages individuals and organizations to carefully read and understand the full terms and conditions when evaluating any membership program.

While many programs fail to be transparent about the details of their coverage, you can find the Life Flight Network Statement of Understanding at

Here are some questions to ask when evaluating other membership programs and insurance products:
• Is there a benefit cap and will my subscription absolutely cover ALL out-of-pocket costs?
• Does the membership program cover ALL emergency transports without requiring advanced authorization?
• Does the program coverage exclude certain types of injuries or conditions?
• Does the program operate its own air medical aircraft?
• Has the program partnered with local air medical providers?
• Does the program employ any locally-based representatives, aside from their sales teams, that partner with local EMS, fire departments and hospital systems?
• Is there a limitation on the number of transports covered under the program?

For only $65 per year, protect your family’s financial peace-of-mind and continue to invest in the future of your community with a Life Flight Network membership. Visit us today at

Life Flight Network benefits:
• No out-of-pocket member expenses for medically necessary emergent flights
• Proudly serving local communities from bases within those local communities
• Continuous reinvestment in local communities through public safety and awareness campaigns, education, and rural healthcare support
• Close partnerships with local EMS, fire departments, hospitals and health systems
• A LOCAL not-for-profit organization

To learn more contact our locally based team at: 800-982-9299

About Life Flight Network

Life Flight Network, a not-for-profit air medical service, is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) and the National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications (NAAMTA). Life Flight Network has administrative offices in Aurora, Oregon, and is owned by a consortium of Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, Oregon Health & Science University, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, and Providence Health System. Aviation services provided by: Life Flight Network operates under its own FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate. Boise-based fixed-wing services are provided by Jackson Jet Center, Inc. For more information about Life Flight Network or to become a member, visit

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