Emergency Medical Helicopter to Base at the Rexburg-Madison County Airport

Life Flight Network to open 24/7 Helicopter February 20th, 2015

Life Flight Network (LFN), the largest not-for-profit air medical transport service in the United States, announced it will be opening a base at the Rexburg-Madison County Airport (Rexburg, Idaho). The base is scheduled to begin 24/7 operation February 20th, 2015.

Basing an aircraft in Rexburg will reduce the time it takes to transfer critical patients from Idaho facilities such as Madison Memorial Hospital, Teton Valley Hospital, Steele Memorial Medical Center; and St. John’s Medical Center in Jackson, Wyoming. With recent legislation in Idaho addressing Time Sensitive Emergencies, LFN is working to improve its ability to provide rapid critical care transportation throughout the state. The Agusta helicopter will also provide benefit to sick or injured tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park.

“We’re fortunate so many hospitals and EMS agencies are supportive of this expansion. These partnerships are extremely important to our success,” states Mike Weimer, Regional Director for LFN. Ann Loyola, Director of Public Relations & Marketing with Teton Valley Health Care, Inc. said, “A Rexburg-based Life Flight Network helicopter is positive news for our region. Communities benefit whenever there’s an opportunity to reduce the response time for a medical emergency.”

“The Madison Fire Department is excited to have a medical helicopter located at the airport in Rexburg,” said Corey Child, Fire Chief of the Madison Fire Department. He adds, “Having such a resource in close proximity to the public we serve will certainly be an appreciated asset. We believe its close proximity will be a great contributor to patient care due to timeliness of hospital access.”

The Rexburg helicopter will add $1.2 million into the local economy. The base will be staffed with highly trained flight nurses, flight paramedics, pilots, and mechanics.

For a nominal annual fee, LFN offers a membership. Members incur no out-of-pocket expense if flown for medically necessary emergent conditions. Membership also helps support operations in locations where there is a need for air medical transportation, such as Rexburg. To request more information about the membership program, or if organizations would like an in-person presentation, please contact the LFN membership office at (800) 982-9299.

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