Life Flight Network’s Air Medical Base in Butte, Montana Now Operational

The base provides vital emergency critical care air medical transport for Butte, Western Montana, and Eastern Idaho.

Life Flight Network (LFN) announced the opening of its newest base of operations at the Bert Mooney Airport in Butte, Montana today. The base is home to a new AgustaWestland 119Kx “Koala” air medical helicopter, and 14 employees. The helicopter will extend air ambulance service to more communities in Montana and Eastern Idaho, allowing for faster medical response and improved patient outcomes.

The base is staffed 24 / 7 by highly qualified Flight Nurses, Flight Paramedics, Pilots and Mechanics, and is available to respond within minutes of receiving a call for help. The payroll and benefits for these highly-skilled personnel exceeds $1 million per year, providing a positive economic benefit for the local community.

Michael Griffiths, LFN’s CEO, states, “The citizens of Butte and the surrounding areas have welcomed us into the community. We are pleased to partner with area hospitals, and emergency responders to provide a resource that will greatly enhance patient care for the citizens of Butte and Montana.”
Dominic Pomponio, LFN’s Regional Director, states, “The Koala helicopter is the perfect aircraft in situations when critical care transport is needed and time is of the essence. It travels at roughly 160 miles per hour, greatly reducing the amount of time it takes for us reach seriously ill or injured patients throughout the region.” Dominic further explained, “The aircraft and critical care team resembles a mobile Emergency Department or Intensive Care Unit. We carry the most common medications administered in an ED or ICU, and can provide a similar level of care.”

LFN, the nation’s largest not-for-profit air medical transport service, is owned by a consortium of four health systems, including Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, Oregon Health & Science University and Providence Health System-Oregon.

Interviews and photos opportunities with the aircraft will be available to the media upon request. Contact Dominic Pomponio at or (208) 412-0194 for more information.

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