Life Flight Network earns national air medical Excellence in Community Service Award from the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS)

AAMS: Association of Air Medical ServicesLife Flight Network (LFN), the nation’s largest not-for-profit air medical transport service, receives the AAMS Excellence in Community Service Award at a March 11th, 2014 ceremony in Washington, D.C. AAMS presents this award annually to recognize an exceptional emergency medical transport organization who demonstrates broad-based continuing commitment to the communities they serve.

LFN is recognized for its dedication to various outreach and training programs throughout the four states in its primary coverage area. Programs such as the Oregon Pediatric Simulation Program and Idaho’s Simulation Tour allow LFN clinicians to work side by side with hospital and EMS health care providers while providing training on specific patient populations using high fidelity simulation models. The use of high tech mannequins provides a valuable educational experience, regardless of provider experience level. Training is individualized to each community, and allows communities who otherwise would not have access to this type of training to strengthen their skill set.

The Oregon Pediatric Simulation Program began as a partnership between LFN, Oregon’s Office of Rural Health, Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon Health & Science University, and Oregon Health Authority – Emergency Medical Systems for Children in 2010. The initiative continues today, focusing on improving pediatric emergency care capabilities in rural Oregon by ensuring pediatric care is well integrated into the emergency medical system. Idaho’s Simulation Tour is a result of a partnership between Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and Idaho State University, bringing together lectures and hands-on training to create opportunities to learn in a safe, realistic environment.

In addition to simulation training, LFN offers numerous other educational opportunities. Among these are landing zone training for first responders, tours of base locations and aircraft, and attendance at community events. One popular event titled in Idaho, Late Night with Life Flight, features an evening of special presentations by leading medical providers and dinner.

“We are grateful to be part of initiatives that improve the quality of care delivered in the many rural communities we serve.” says Michael Griffiths, CEO of Life Flight Network. “The combination of providing excellent patient care and rapid transportation, while maintaining positive relationships with local agencies and communities translates to better patient outcomes and lives saved.”

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