Life Flight Network Foundation

Life Flight Network 501(c)(3) Foundation helps Life Flight Network fulfill its mission of saving lives with industry leading care and transport. Your generosity in donating to the Life Flight Network Foundation helps make it possible for us to offer the best medical and safety equipment, provide support to the community and local EMS providers through education and outreach programs offered by Life Flight Network staff, and help those who are unable to pay for the transportation services provided to them by Life Flight Network. We appreciate your support and generosity. Through the foundation, Life Flight Network supports the community and local EMS providers.



Community Outreach:

Life Flight Network is proud to be a member of the communities we serve. For over 45 years, we have focused on giving back to these communities through education and outreach events that inform our communities about our services. Donations to the Life Flight Network Foundation provide a valuable opportunity to get out into our communities and connect through informational booths, presentations, and tours of our bases where people can visit with our on-duty crew and tour our aircraft. Connecting with the community in these ways helps bring us closer to the neighbors we serve every day.

Ongoing Training and Education:

The Life Flight Network team is the most highly trained in the industry. In an environment where training and education are paramount to safely caring for our communities, we place a premium on ensuring our teams are fully prepared for their mission. Our clinical, aviation, maintenance, and communications team members participate in annual training to ensure they are current on industry standards and advancements. Donations to the Life Flight Network Foundation help ensure our ongoing training and education system are the most comprehensive in the industry.

Partnership Training:

Every year Life Flight Network provides hundreds of hours of training and education to our local healthcare partners. Through generous gifts to the Life Flight Network Foundation, we are able to offer this vital training and education to hospitals, police, fire and EMS agencies, and public communities by participating in EMS and disaster response drills, landing zone training, EMS open houses, safety fairs, SKID/Every 15 Minutes programs, trauma prevention programs, and other events.

These trainings are instrumental in ensuring the safety of our teams, partners, and patients during every care interaction.

Trauma and Critical Care Conferences:

Funds from the Life Flight Network Foundation help us sponsor many EMS, trauma, critical care, and medical conferences throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, focusing on selected topics such as pre-hospital, resuscitation, time-sensitive emergencies, safety, and continuing care and management of trauma and critical care patients. Life Flight Network is committed to bringing continuing education to our communities by providing lecturers for conferences, clinical expertise to skills stations, high-fidelity simulation mannequin training, case reviews, and education conferences. Funds from your generous donation assist in supporting our team members’ travel expenses to learn and educate at these valuable conferences and events.